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Serenity Cafe Academy Individual Courses & Ebooks

Choose from the individual courses below and take it one course at a time. If this is your first time here, click on the images or ‘See more…’ links to go to the enrollment page for each course. There you will find a brief description of the course. Enroll in the free courses and previews to get a sense for how they are set up. As always, contact us if you have questions, feedback, or suggestions.


Golden Key Integrative Coaching & Psychotherapy

This course is open to clients and current members only

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Serenity Cafe Recovery Center for Addiction & Codependency

This course is open to clients and current members only.

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How to Use Meditation Music Online Course

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Serenity Cafe Academy Membership Groups

Select a membership group below if you would like to enroll in a bundle of courses. The Golden Key, Lifetime, and Iceberg Series membership groups also include all of the audio course versions on the Soundwise Mobile App. (See the “Audio” course list below) If you would rather take things one-course-at-a-time, by all means do so. (See the “Individual” course list above) Click the membership images or titles to learn more about each level. 

Includes the Lifetime Membership PLUS Counseling & Coaching Sessions (up to once per week.) PLUS 24-hour Q&A access via client portal. 

Serenity Cafe Lifetime Members get everything we offer except the one-on-one attention provided in the Golden Key Membership.

Get all five books (with free shipping), all five online Thawing the Iceberg Courses, and everything in the Oasis @ Serenity Cafe

Premium Edition of the Oasis @ Serenity Cafe – an extensive and growing Audio/Video library for personal growth. 

New! Serenity Cafe Academy Audio Courses

While all of the courses above work well on mobile devices, we try to give our clients and visitors the best user experience possible. For those who like to listen, we have put the Serenity Cafe Academy on the Soundwise Mobile Platform. If you sign up for one of the memberships at the top of this page you get all of the courses that go with that membership in audio at no extra charge. You may sign up for individual courses on the Soundwise mobile app by clicking on the images below. 

Don Carter MSW, LCSW & Angie Carter CRADC, SAP

Don & Angie will work with you to create your own personal “Golden Key” for success! Everyone is different, so we start with a thorough assessment and then pull from every resource at our disposal to create a precision-targeted coaching program, whether that be tools from Serenity Cafe Academy or our years of experience. Contact Us to arrange a free consultation.

Growing up in a less-than-nurturing family hurts and leaves emotional wounds ~ and wounded people, wound people! Just as whole families get wounded, whole families can and do recover. That’s why we made it possible to sign up for courses in groups here at the Academy. Spouses, adult children, therapist and client(s), and friends from a recovery group ~ Teamwork is always best! Just pick a group leader and select how many participants you want at checkout.

Angie and Don have had the benefit of learning from some of the best helpers over the years. We are the culmination of all they have given us and we want to pass it on. Serenity Cafe Academy is one way we do that. Don also helps prepare Masters level Social Workers for licensure here in Missouri. We want these tools to be available long after we are gone so we offer consultation and training to counselors and coaches who want to grow and learn. 

What Our Clients & Members Have to Say

Hi Don, I can’t say enough how absolutely incredible the resources & all the work that you have done to make them easily available means to me personally! Thank you for the great site and the resources you provide to help others. You are a huge blessing in so many lives!!! Blessings to you & your family!
Website Visitor
“This website is fantastic. I have been compiling this type of information for the last 3 years. There is more here than all I have seen so far. I am a counselor for mental health/addictions in Africa. I plan to call you. Thank you for creating this site.”
Website Visitor

Join Our Recovery Community Today!

Get in touch with us for a free consultation by clicking the button below ~ or simply drop us an email by clicking the link at the top of any page. We made these resources for our clients, website visitors, and anyone else who might benefit. We highly recommend that you work with a professional on many of the courses unless you have experience with therapy and recovery. The courses here are not intended to replace professional help, but to compliment it. If you are a therapist or life coach who would like to use these resources with your clients, use the group registration option when you sign up for a course. Whoever you choose to be the group leader (e.g., a therapist/coach) will be able to follow the progress of all members of the group.