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The Iceberg model is a unified model of addiction, codependency, and childhood abandonment issues. The video  describes the emotional dependency needs of a child and the Iceberg model.

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Essentially, being “triggered” means I become reactive. I am proactive when I choose my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. I am reactive when my thoughts, feelings, and behaviors choose me.

the autonomic nervous system is a major player in stress, anxiety, and many of the stress related conditions that we face today. Watch the video to see what I mean

When triggered into survival mode the victim mentality comes with that. When we are in growth mode, it is easier and more natural to adopt the roles in the empowerment dynamic.

Human beings are subjective beings. Due to limitations in our ability to process all the available sensory data (see, hear, feel data), we all have our own map of reality.

The First Order Map is the Model used in the Functional Ego-State Map (Functional and Dysfunctional Parts of Self) Learn more about second and third-order ego-state maps.

In this video, we cover what happens in the brain and central nervous system when we get triggered and then offer a sort of a road map on what to do about it when that happens

I integrate complementary models of therapy in order to fit the unique needs of each client I work with. Here I share my thoughts about blending psychology & science with spirituality.

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Guided Imagery, Brainwave Rhythms, Meditation Muisic, Self-Hypnosis, Mindfulness Meditation

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Chemical Dependency Coaching Program is  is designed for those who are in outpatient counseling or have recently completed outpatient counseling. 

The Codependency & Family Member Coaching Program is an 8-week online commitment ideal for those who have family members with addiction.

The Adult-Child Coaching Program is an 8-week online commitment ideal for those who are in outpatient counseling or have recently completed counseling.

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The Community @ Serenity Cafe is a diverse collection of people in growth mode actively seeking personal health and professional excellence. Some of us are healing, others are healers, many of us are both. If you are a counselor, sponsor, mentor, or other helper we hope to meet you in these rooms and community spaces. Feel free to use the rooms here for meetings whether one-on-one, group, or just family time. These resources are for our clients, website visitors, colleagues, and anyone else who might benefit. If you are new to Serenity Cafe, we recommend that you work with a professional therapist on many of the courses unless you have experience with therapy and recovery. The resources here at Serenity Cafe are not intended to replace professional help, but to compliment it.