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Do you experience feeling “triggered” into painful and confusing emotional states? Are you tired of fearing abandonment? Tired of toxic shame attacks that make you feel small or unworthy of getting what you want? Tired of carrying around a load of contempt for yourself or others? Have you ever asked yourself “Why does this keep happening to me?” every time another relationship goes bad? Get this eCourse, Book and audios to begin healing abandonment issues, toxic shame, and contempt

Identification and interruption of dysfunctional, toxic relationship patterns opens up space to insert something new. Thawing Childhood Abandonment Issues is designed to bring a very sharp focus to the identification of certain adaptations, also known as survival skills. This eCourse integrates seven interactive modules with 10 sections each. Each section consists of webpages with member comments, downloadable PDFs, over 60 MP3 audio and MP4 videos designed to help release blocked emotions and resolve childhood grief & loss issues.

What Can I Expect Inside the Course?

Thawing Childhood Abandonment Issues Course includes seven modules, a bonus module. Each module represents a stage of development. Each Stage has 10 levels designed to lead members through a step-by-step process from self-assessment to the release of toxic emotions for each stage. The sections are the same for each stage of development – but the content of each section focuses on the specific developmental tasks for that stage. For example, the developmental tasks for Stage One are about being able to trust people, feeling safe, and experiencing proper care and nurturing. Our issues in the present day regarding safety, trust and nurturing are rooted in how well these needs were met by our parents or other caretakers. The outcomes for each of the stages fall on a continuum between positive and negative, and they provide a foundation for the next stage.

Specific Developmental Tasks for Each Stage:

  • Preparation Module: Prepare for the Journey ahead… Develop a “Safe Container” for healing.
  • Stage One: Trust vs Mistrust; Develop your abilities for Trust, Safety, & Nurturing (including self-care), which in turn helps to attract and be attracted to trustworthy, safe people!
  • Stage Two: Autonomy vs Shame & Self-Doubt; Enhance your abilities for Boundary Setting, Independence, Curiosity, and Imagination
  • Stage Three: Initiative (I can) vs Guilt (I can’t); Taking risks, overcoming limiting beliefs that hold us back will help you take the Initiative & increase our Willingness to Explore New Things
  • Stage Four: Industry vs Inferiority; Enhance your Self-Image While Developing a “Separate Sense-of-Self.”
  • Stage Five: Identity vs Identity Confusion (Diffusion); Answer that Question: “Who am I?” This can only come when we take off the mask of the “Invented Self” and heal enough of the “False Self” to connect with our True Self.
  • Stage Six: Intimacy vs Isolation; All of this work will transform “How We Love & Work with Others” helping to have better, more enriching relationships!

We are glad you are here! I know you want to get started but I hope you will take it easy, work through each stage in order and take your time. This is not a sprint, it is a marathon! Below you will see the course structure. When you sign in you will be able to navigate to any one of the modules and sections below from this page and from the sidebar on every page you visit. Follow the pages and sections in order and go from top to bottom. I encourage you to do each section and activity as outlined except where it says to do only those you feel will fit for you.

NOTE: There are a lot of journaling assignments and handouts in this course. You can download the handouts if you prefer (Recommended) and keep them in a binder for easier access. There are also so very safe and powerful tools for journaling available on the internet. I like the Penzu Journal because you can get a free version, it is simple to use, and it works on your mobile device (which means you can speak your answers into your phone if you prefer!)

Course Content

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Stage One: Basic Trust vs Mistrust
Stage Two: Autonomy vs Self-Doubt
Stage Three: Initiative vs Guilt
Stage Four: Industry vs Inferiority
Stage Five: Identity vs. Identity Diffusion (Confusion)
Stage Six: Intimacy vs. Isolation