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Serenity Cafe Addiction Recovery Center is based on the fifth book in the Thawing the Iceberg Series, Thawing Addiction ~ The Tip of the Iceberg. This online recovery center is designed to be your source for information and education about addiction and recovery. Don and Angie are treatment professionals who are also in personal recovery. They have devoted their lives to the study and treatment of addiction in order to be the best helpers they can be. Don managed a drug and alcohol recovery program for several years and worked on staff at several other inpatient and intensive outpatient programs. Angie managed a group home and a recovery support center during her career as a certified substance abuse counselor. 

Don and Angie know that 70% of any good treatment program, inpatient or outpatient, consists of client and family education about addiction and how to cope with it in yourself or someone you love. Normal family problem solving does not work with addiction. Trying to love someone out of an addiction does not work. What works is information, learning the do’s and don’t’s, and remembering the three C’s ~ You didn’t cause it, you cannot control it, and you cannot cure it!

We have built the Serenity Cafe Recovery Center for our clients and website visitors in order to provide the information needed to family members as well as those who suffer under the lash of addiction. We will continue to build on what’s here in the coming weeks, months, and years. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

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Family Recovery
Relapse Prevention
Self-Hypnosis for Recovery