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Learn to Use Self-Hypnosis to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

It is natural for the mind to go into a trance throughout the day. We even have words to describe naturalistic trance: “Lost in thought”, “zoned-out”, “daydreaming”, etc. In fact, our ultradian rhythms demand about 10 to 15 minutes for the mind to go into a naturalistic trance in order to integrate what we have learned in class or a workshop after approximately 70 minutes of learning. Indeed these trance-states have a powerful impact on mood and psychology. Therefore it makes sense to learn how to use this power in a purposeful and useful way. Self-hypnosis, meditation, mindfulness, and many other skills help us do just that, not to mention adding the power of visualization and affirmation. The guided meditations here are designed with hypnotic languaging patterns. They are designed to take the listener through the four stages of self-hypnosis: Inducing the trance, deepening the trance, using the trance for change, and re-alerting.