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Golden Key Coaching Program

Combine Serenity Cafe Academy with Our Golden Key Coaching & Counseling Services ~ Put a Golden Key in Your Serenity Creations Toolbox!​

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One-on-One Attention

We initially built Serenity Cafe to provide support to our clients after their counseling was over. Now we are using it to provide one-on-one structure and support during our ongoing work with clients, sometimes on a daily basis through our coaching portal.

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Lifetime Access

The need for professional help is usually episodic. As the need increases, Serenity Cafe users can upgrade to the Golden Key Program on a month-to-month basis. They can then downgrade to a Lifetime Membership when their goals are met, retaining access to all of the tools at no further charge.

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Serenity Cafe Resources

Golden Key clients get professional coaching or counseling sessions, PLUS all of the tools included in our Serenity Cafe Lifetime Membership, PLUS all Serenity Cafe Academy courses, Plus the Academy on Soundwise Mobile App.

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Custom Audios

Customized meditation, hypnosis, brainwave entrainment, and guided imagery audios based on client needs are effective in reaching specific goals. Golden Key clients get one customized audio per month included in their membership. These can help with sleep, increasing self-esteem, anxiety reduction, etc.

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Weekly Sessions

At times the need increases and people would benefit from weekly coaching or therapy sessions. This is why the Golden Key Program was created. Those who need fewer sessions or less structure can arrange them as needed, with or without enrollment in a membership.

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Twenty-Four Hour Access

In addition to weekly sessions, customized audios, and all Serenity Cafe resources, Golden Key clients can connect with their coach or counselor DAILY if needed through a secure client portal where we can share files, Q&A, and recommend activities. It's like having an forum with only two members - client and coach.

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Professional Counseling & Coaching Services

Don Carter MSW, LCSW and  Angie Carter CRADC, SAP are licensed and certified to provide counseling in Missouri. Both provide Recovery & Life Coaching everywhere else. 


Unpredictable schedule? Not a Problem!

Do you have a busy, rapidly changing schedule? Never sure where you are going to be? The Golden Key program is designed to be as flexible as your schedule is these days! With our 24/7 secure coaching portal, you will have a response from your coach within 24 hours. 

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on your time, on your device, & on the Fly!

The technology behind our coaching portal is compatible with and designed for all devices. You can take us with you wherever you go. We can also jump on chat, video conference, or phone call on the spot when we’re free.

Grow in your own place, at your own pace!

Serenity Cafe Academy, the Oasis @ Serenity Cafe, and our ever-growing media library are a treasure chest of tools and resources for assignments, mini courses, and goal achievement. We also provide custom audio programs made just for you!

Continued Access with a Lifetime Membership

When your goals have been met and this episode of counseling or coaching comes to an end, all golden key clients retain a full-fledged, lifetime membership to Serenity Cafe at no further charge. If further counseling or coaching becomes necessary later on, simply upgrade back to a Golden Key membership for as long as needed. No onging commitments. We are here on a month-to-month basis if and when you need us. 

Our Serenity Guarantee

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When you sign up for the Golden Key Counseling & Coaching program, we ask you to make a commitment for three months (12 weeks) because that’s how long it usually takes to change a habit. However, something unexpected may come up or you just change your mind so we only require a month-by-month enrollment. If, for any reason you decide to cancel your membership before you have used all of your sessions for the month, we will gladly and fully refund your fees for any unused sessions paid in advance, no questions asked. If you have been a member for at least two sessions, you will retain access to the Serenity Cafe Lifetime Membership at no further charge.

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